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How to: Student Instructables Projects

In 2012, Life Learning Academy partnered with Instructables and it’s parent company, AutoDesk, to pilot the use of the Instructables online publishing platform by LLA teachers and students. Instructables.com showcases how-to projects by engineers, makers, creatives and other community members for an engaged audience network of over one million active users.

Support from Instructables and AutoDesk offered Life Learning Academy a chance to undertake its first school-wide usage of an online social media platform to publish documentation of student and teacher projects. Students and teachers identified, planned and completed the projects, using writing and photos to document the processes and outcomes, and published their work on the Instructables website. The projects covered topics and classes schoolwide, generating more than 30 published Instructables. All LLA students participated in creating at least one Instructable, either individually or with a partner or team.

Complete list of LLA Instructables