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Guest Artist Workshops for LLA Students

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Building on a rich tradition of visual arts at LLA, the school has launched a series of guest artist workshops that allow students to meet working artists, practice with various media, and collaborate in the creative process.

A growing cohort of Bay Area artists have volunteered their time to bring the arts to our campus, or to welcome students to their studios and galleries. During these workshops, artists engage students in a discussion of art, its value, and its role in everyday life. Drawing from this exchange, students try their own hand at creating, and experiment with media and techniques that broaden their experience with visual expression.

During Fall 2013, LLA students participated in two guest artist workshops. The first was led by Oakland-based artist Kenneth Cole Taylor, who guided students through a discussion of three basic elements of art: color, shape, and line. The acrylic paintings they created were inspired by common objects available in the classroom space.

For the second workshop student’s travelled to the Amor Eterno Tattoo Shop and Art Space, owned and operated by Amy George Cortez and Salvador Chamuco Cortez. Alameda and Oakland natives, the couple strives to provide an art sanctuary for the community of Oakland.


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Curator Amy George Cortez toured students through the East Oakland art space, as well as the adjacent Solano Alley, previously a neighborhood blight that is now a thriving center showcasing street art of epic proportions and exceptional quality. Following a rich reflection of the connection between ancient indigenous art and contemporary street art, tattoo artist Salvador Chamuco Cortez facilitated a tonal exercise focusing on contrast and composition in charcoal. The charcoal sketches were inspired by a still life arranged by Salvador, as well as by the vibrant atmosphere and compelling artwork on display at the Amor Eterno Art Space.

Installation artist Evan Holm is preparing for a spring collaboration with LLA students, and we can’t wait to see what comes of that experience.

If you are an artist who wishes to participate in a workshop and collaborate with LLA students, contact us so we can learn more about your work!