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Not sure if LLA is right for you?

Still not sure if you should apply? Wondering if you’re even eligible to join us? Call or text admissions inquiries to 415-397-8957 to discuss your situation with one of us, or read on for answers to some common admissions questions. For general info and all non-admissions questions, call 415-397-8957.

Frequently Answered Questions:


Q: Do I need to live in SF to go to LLA?

A: No. Most of our students do, but some live as far as Antioch.


Q: Does it cost money to apply or attend?

A: No. You just have to get yourself here. We take care of the rest.


Q: If I’m behind on credits, can I make them up at LLA?

A: Yes. LLA offers assistance and support with credit recovery.


Q: I’ve never been in serious trouble, I’m just not doing well at my current school. Can I still apply?

A: Yes. LLA is designed to help a wide range of students facing various challenges. Tell us about yourself, and we can discover how LLA could help you achieve your academic and career goals.


Q: Do my parents need to come with me to my admissions interview?

A: No, but we would like to meet them, and we will need a series of admissions forms completed by a parent or legal guardian to complete your admissions process.


Q: My friend or relative needs a school like LLA. What should I do?

A: Call to tell us more, or complete and submit the Refer form, and we will contact you.


Q: Is the food as good as everyone says it is?

A: Absolutely. And you can go back for seconds!