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 28 signs that LLA is the school community for you!

Feel   sad: (at a school where you feel anonymous, disconnected, at risk of getting into some drama, or being so bored you simply don’t keep coming back? Life Learning Academy might be the place for you to restart your path to graduation, get placed in a paid internship, and build the life skills and professional network that will carry you forward after you earn your diploma.

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If at least three things on the list below are true, introduce yourself so we can get to know you. Text or call 415.320.1661, or say hi on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We accept admissions inquires year-round. It’s never too late for a fresh start!


Life Learning Academy may be the school for you if:

1.You need to regain missing credits and get your diploma

2. You feel like no one expects you to succeed

3.You could use a way to earn some extra money

4. You think healthy, tasty food should be free at lunchtime 

5. You’re tired of feeling invisible

6. Bigger can be better, but not for class sizes

7. It seems like no one even notices whether you come to class

8. If drama starts, you wish there were positive ways to handle it

9. You like gardening, designing and making products, and creating art for exhibitions

10. You stopped believing you could finish high school

11. It feels dangerous in your neighborhood

12. You’ve never had a real job, and it’s almost impossible to find one

13. You are trying to do better, it just feels impossible to start

14. You think school should feel more like family

15. You need a few adults you can trust to help plan your future

16. It would be nice to be at a school without fights

17. You actually kind of like it when someone greets you by name in the morning

18. You are going to need help with college expenses

19. Someone bullies you at your current school

20. You stopped going to first period, then to second period, then going at all

21. You’re ready to show yourself (and everyone else) what you’re capable of

22. You’re done not caring about your own success

23. You like real projects, not worksheets and lectures

24. It’d be nice to have a counselor actually know who you are

25. Calling teachers by their first name turns them into real people

27. You don’t mind getting a custom-made dessert on your birthday

28. Your grandma’s expression at graduation will be unforgettable


Still not sure? Text or call us at 415.320.1661 so we can answer your specific questions and help you decide. We have spaces remaining for the candidates we determine will benefit most from what we offer, and our team can easily transfer your records and credits if we all agree that LLA is just right for you.

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