Construction Apprenticeship Program: A Partnership with the Northern California Carpenters Union-0

Construction Apprenticeship Program: A Partnership with the Northern California Carpenters Union

This year at LLA we have developed an amazing partnership with the Northern California Carpenters Union and various local construction and building companies to provide our students with the training and preparation needed to qualify for priority status in the Union’s six-week pre-apprenticeship program. Along with our partner organizations, we have an interest in supplying well qualified and job-ready apprentices for the construction industry. LLA purchased curriculum created by the Carpenters Training Trust Fund of Northern California, and we enrolled our first cohort of students for the 2018/2019 school year. This first cohort has six committed students (4 female, 2 male) who are already building their skills and knowledge in preparation for a career in the trades. Students who are successful in completing the program here at LLA, will have priority access to the six-week Carpenters Pre-Apprenticeship Program. At the conclusion of that program, these students will be included on the Union work lists and are eligible for union jobs at union wages!

Safety is our first priority and this group takes it very seriously. The students take an OSHA 10 certification course, in which they will earn a certificate and qualify for job placement through the One Treasure Island organization. The interactive course covers OSHA standards for the construction industry and teaches awareness of job site hazards. Our builder-partners say this training will give our students an important advantage over other entry level job seekers.

While the students are learning how to measure precisely, design and plan for projects, read schematics, and safely work with power tools, they are already contributing to the LLA community. The group built four beautiful redwood planter boxes for our garden – and they did it with a deadline – as these planters were set into the garden and planted during our recent EY Connect Service Day.                                                     

Next, our students are building storage chests and learning more about the LLABUILD student dorm construction in their backyard. Construction Foreman Tim Miller meets with the students regularly to share updates on the dorm project and give them a firsthand, behind the scenes view of a construction project of this scale. It is great for the students to be able to see pros put the skills they are learning into action.

We are thrilled to have some impressive students in this program and can’t wait to see all they build while learning new skills! The students have several projects left to do this year and support for purchasing materials and tools is always needed and appreciated.