2018 EY Connect Service Day-0

2018 EY Connect Service Day

A huge thank you to the talented and dedicated folks from EY for selecting Life Learning Academy for EY Connect Day. Working side by side with students, teachers, and LLA staff, the EY volunteers “dug in” to several major projects on campus.

After hearing from our Executive Director and Principal, Dr. Teri Delane, about the history of the school and her vision to provide on-campus housing, Teri led a tour of our new dorm facility. With the opening of the dorm expected in 2019 the excitement level is high and there is much work still to do. Days like this, with so many EY volunteers working alongside LLA staff and students, reinforces the idea that it “Takes a Village” and our village is strong and up to the task. “I am 100% certain we will be able to provide a home for kids starting next year!” said Teri.

Teams of LLA students and EY volunteers pushed wheelbarrows, dug trenches, blended compost tea and otherwise gave the garden a thorough fall cleaning. Teams also took care of other important tasks such as patching walls, cleaning and organizing a tool room for our construction program and even some file sorting in the office. “I was very impressed and inspired by the EY volunteers, it was a great day!”  Aubria Lamendola, LLA Director of Workforce Development.

Thank you EY for your ongoing support, and for bringing your commitment to service and fun to Life Learning Academy.